What good can come out of prying into the private lives of celebrities and politicians?

The game is called truth or dare. And the moment you expose yourself in all your most intimate glory, even if doing so is perceived to be a private affair between you and a chosen few, becomes your moment of truth. It becomes your day of reckoning. Be careful of what you do or say. Be careful of just how much you take off. Because sooner or later, the likes of www.privatesight.com are going to catch you with your knickers or shorts off.

Don’t make the same mistake that celebrities the world over have made. They, for reasons already publicized chose to hang out their dirty laundry. But in many cases, there were those that did not. Something or someone worse than the greedy paparazzi did it for them. Whether it was of their own making or not, let’s be quite honest about this (and seeing that we’re exposing everything here) they made a nice packet didn’t they?

Be careful. A group of hackers has made it possible to access your private files on your favorite social media networks. Now, if any of you have already lost your jobs over this sort of thing, we would have warned you had we known then what we know now. But then again, you cannot tell us that you were foolish enough not to know this on your own.


There is nothing innocent about prying into the lives of others. Ditch the excuse of wanting to religiously follow the private lives of your favorite icons. For reasons you should know already, we can’t share with you what some of the rich and famous get up to. But there is a clue. It’s pretty much the same as what you would normally get up to behind closed doors.