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2 Great Tips For Your C.V

The C.V or resume is your gateway to an interview for the job of your dreams. It should be written with the utmost respect and effort. You do not have to be a world class writer to get the job done, all you must do is spell check your CV and read it three times to make sure it all makes sense.

Most of what you were taught in English class does not apply when writing a CV unfortunately. Instead follow these tips that the business world live by!

Avoid First Person

Before a potential boss will read your CV, they know that it’s about you. There is no need to overuse the words I or me during your resume.

Instead of using the classic: “I am a very hardworking person and I take great pride in my work”. use : “Hardworking individual who takes great pride in their work”.

Starting your sentence with action words are a great way to keep the reader interested and sets you up to look highly professional.

Short Sentences Are Great

The potential interviewer does not want to spend their entire day reading your CV. And yours will probably not be the only one they will have to read! Make your sentences short and punchy for maximum effect. After all, the reader will probably just skim through to find the good stuff.

Instead of saying: “ worked in the stock room taking care of a wide range of products and stock, using the latest stock taking procedures.”, use: “Managed products in the stockroom. Familiar with stock taking procedures.”


These two tips will set you on your way to a great CV, and with a great CV comes many interviews! Remember to keep everything short and simple as the reader will probably decide to interview you or not in a few moments.