Month: November 2016

Why Your Child Should Play Chess

Chess has been a popular game for many years and it is often thought of as a game for those who are highly intelligent. While chess does help to improve intelligence, even a child could start to play chess. In fact, children who do play chess grow up to be adults that have better problem solving skills, thinking capabilities and overall they are more intelligent than a child who reaches adulthood without ever having played chess. In a way it can be seen that chess is the mental equivalent of a child doing sports. An electronic chess board is a great way to get a child started when they begin to play chess. It strengthens the brain and gives them the building blocks to become even better in the future.

This might sound farfetched, but the science behind it is sound. It’s been proven that chess helps to promote the growth of the brain. This is true of any game that challenges the brain and none do this better than chess played on an electronic chess board. The game promotes the growth of the brain by stimulating the growth of the dendrites within the brain. What are dendrites? Dendrites are the bodies in the brain that transmit signals between the brain’s various neuron cells. In short, these are the things that you use to think, reason and recall memories. The more of these are present in the brain, the faster your brain becomes. It’s almost like upgrading your computer from a dual-core processor to a quad-core processor. Operations can be performed at a faster pace, which means that you can solve problems much faster than the average person if you play chess.

electronic chess board

Since chess is a strategy game, playing it will help you to live your daily life strategically.